What’s a passion and why do I need one?

Think about what’s prevented you from pursuing your passions in the  past.  Is it fear of the unknown? Uncertainty? Feeling stuck in or committed to your current career path? Decision paralysis?

Take out a blank sheet of paper, and write a paragraph or two about what’s held you back. Then? Crumple it up and throw it away.Tomorrow, we’re starting with a blank slate.

I’ve been thinking about this all day and the one thing that comes to mind is fear. Fear is the reason I haven’t pursued my passion. Also, confusion…what ARE my passions? That’s such a loaded question. I’m passionate about many things, doesn’t mean I should be making a living doing those things.

Let’s see…I’m passionate about the law, of course I am, I went to law school. I appreciate the flexibility of the law, but I don’t appreciate people’s ignorance regarding the law. I wouldn’t mind working in law, though I don’t have any desire to practice law. I’d like to use my training and education to get a position. There’s so much you can do with a law degree, and maybe that’s the problem. Also, I’m passionate about baking. When I’m baking and experimenting with recipes, it’s the best time. I like seeing the ingredients become a sweet, tasty cake or pie or cookies. It’s lik science, but more fun and you get to eat it.  Though, I’m sure there are things you can eat that are created in a lab…pretty much all of the processed food we eat.

It’s possible to confuse passion with being really good at something. I think I’ve done that with some things…like research administration. I discovered I was good at it and decided to create a career path. That path has lead me here…to unemployment.

I’ve gotten off track. Back to the homework. My fear of being a failure has prevented me from pursuing my passions. I have student loans to pay, what if I fall flat on my face or I’m unsuccessful. Then I’d have to talk to my parents about my decisions. Fear of the uncertainty of discovering and pursuing a passion as a career. It’s scary to try new things, especially when you have bills to pay. Fear and not knowing exactly which passion to follow has prevented me from going after my passions.