I’m tired

Applying for jobs is exhausting. It’s not just doing a search on a website, it’s the resume and cover letter editing. I don’t like writing cover letters. It’s just not my thing. How do I tell a company that they need to hire me because I’d be a great addition? Especially if I don’t really want to work there, I just want to work in general.

I’ve seen advice that says you should only apply for jobs that you really want. There aren’t many and the ones I want happen to be in areas that I don’t want to live. Back to the Northeast? No, it’s cold up there and now they’ve been attacked by snow. I’d love to work internationally, but not encouraged to try because I don’t have authorization to work in any other country aside from the US.

I don’t want to look for jobs anymore. I just want to relax and travel. However, I need a job sooner than later so I won’t run out of money. UGH!!!! Make it stooooooop.

I’m tired.