Between jobs

unemployment imageToday is 12/18/2015 and I’ve been without a job for almost two whole days. It feels weird, I don’t feel unemployed. It feels like I’m on vacation. A long, drawn out vacation.

I anticipated the loss of my job, but remained hopeful that I would be able to keep it. It happened anyway. I will accept about 10% blame for losing my job and the other 90% is my ridiculous ex-boss. I really wanted that job and worked so hard to make it work. I thought it was my dream job, the next step up the ladder. Headed to the top, then I slipped on a rung and fell right down.

It’s time to decide the next step. Of course the next step is to find a job, but how do I go about it? Should I look for positions similar to the one I lost? Is it time for me to change careers? Do I stay in Miami or move to another city? So many questions! Didn’t feel like typing them all, just pretend I did.

While I figure it out, I have retreated to my parents house. There is love here and it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Now I just need to find a greasy burger and fries.

Today’s affirmation: “The success in my life is a reflection of my successful attitude.”¬†


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